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Having your pavers washed and sealed may seem like a luxury to you, but here at Pressure Washing Tampa Pros, it is our way of life. We know just how much one can benefit from an afternoon of having their pavers sealed–from improving their overall curb appeal all the way to keeping weeds from growing in their yard.

So if you are thinking of getting your pavers sealed, then we are just the right group of professionals to help you with that. We have perfected our process to make sure that our clients and satisfied with our services all the time. Allow us to give you a rundown of all the things that you might expect when you hire us for the job. Ring us today and feel free to consult about our other services like commercial pressure washing and driveway cleaning.

The Paver Sealing Process:
By The Pressure Washing Tampa Pros


About Our Services

We have developed, polished, and implemented our paver sealing process down to a t. We make sure that paver sealing for our clients are carried out in the most efficient and the most professionally-finished way possible.

All throughout our years working in the paver sealing industry, we have always put out 100% effort just to make sure that our customers are happy and satisfied with the jobs that we have just done for them. This is why we regularly update our technology as well as make adjustments to our process as time and as our clients demand it.

While the process may vary in some occasions–mostly owing to the extent of the job to be done–this is what a typical process of sealing your pavers might look like.

The first step: We scan the work site.
This may be conducted a few days prior to your scheduled appointment, or just a few minutes before we get started on the job. Either way, what this process does is to inspect all corners of the area and note those that might need special attention.

We’ll make sure to note these areas and, depending on what we have noted, we’ll care for the area in a possibly different way than the others. This might mean that a corroded area will get less pressure when we clean it up. Likewise, a particularly mossy or dirty area might need an extra boost in water pressure just to wash the dirt away. Consider checking also our roof cleaning and concrete cleaning services.

The second step: We’ll wash the area.

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Guter Cleaning (3)

Once we have noted the problem areas and the ones that will need an extra round of washing, we’ll get right to it. With the use of the latest technology in pressure washing, we will blast the space with water. We will make sure that all corners are covered, lifting all the dirt, debris, the stains, and all other things that may cause your paver to look like an eyesore.

Once everything is clean and we ourselves are satisfied with the cleanliness of the area, only then will we proceed to the next step.

The third step: We do a second washing.
Even as we have cleansed the place and once all look nice and clean, we will do one more round of pressure washing. More often than not, there will still be stubborn dirt and debris stuck between pavers. We want to avoid the presence of these foreign objects when we are sealing pavers this is why a second (or even a third depending on the outcome of the second washing) is important.

With this step, now we are certain that the surface, aka the canvas to which we will work our magic on, is completely ready.

The fourth step: We treat the area with algaecide.
One of the reasons you might want to enlist in the services of paver sealing is to flush out the mold or even the weeds that might have taken residence in between your pavers. This step will address this issue. With the use of a mixture that contains algaecide, we will get rid of the weeds and the mold. This will take some time and so we will leave it on the paver for a few minutes before we flush it out.

Once we are satisfied, we will proceed to the next step.

The fifth step: We will start sealing the area.
With the use of a roller, we will slowly and meticulously apply the sealer. We will do this to ensure that every inch is covered by our premium-grade sealer. All nooks and crannies will be accounted for. We want to make sure that everything is covered so that there will be enough protection between your paver and the external elements that might cause it harm.

The sixth step: We let the paver dry.
This is the part where we give you a list of dos and don’ts to ensure that your newly sealed paver will stay in place and that the sealing will last longer. One of the first things that we will recommend is that you wait around two days before you bring back the furniture that you have previously installed in the area. If it is in the driveway, we will recommend that you park your car elsewhere too. This will allow the seal to fully harden and stay in place.

Is that thorough enough for you?
Our business is open for you. Give us a call today!

We at Pressure Washing Tampa Pros will be happy to give your paver the makeover that it deserves. Our phone representatives will be more than happy to discuss the process with you and answer any questions that you might have regarding our processes and our rates. We can also give you an estimate of our rates but it will be better if you know the exact size of the area that you need to be serviced. You may also request that a member of our team give your space a visit so we can give you a more accurate quotation.

Ready to see your pavers shine like new? Our experience and expertise makes us the perfect team to get the job done for you. Give Pressure Washing Tampa Pros a call today!

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