In need of Professional Roof Cleaning Service?

Are you looking for a roof cleaning service in Tampa Florida? Becuause you have observed darker unsightly and destructive color stains on your roof? Or some may not noticed it because it tends to happen at a gradual process. These dark stains shows sign of an increase in algae, molds, lichens and if there are tiny green plant formations, they are called moss. The algae feed on organic material the roof is made of such as limestone which can cause premature breakdown of your roofs and leads to an increase in the heat surface temperature. It can reduce the efficiency of your home as it will then require additional energy to keep it constantly cool during summers. They are destructive if not taken properly and rectified immediately using safe clean roof methods.

Who Are We?

We are the best and authorized roof cleaning company with over 10 years of serving the residents of Tampa, FL with our experienced power cleaning roof solutions. We offer affordable rates for your tile, metal, asphalt shingle roofs and other variety of roofs. Our system complies and follow the recommendations and guidelines for Safe Roof Cleaning. 

And our knowledgeable and certified crews are fully trained in using the right equipment and other safety gears. With our services and unique techniques in cleaning algae and mildew, we’ll give you a healthier environment for you and your family. Plus, extending the life of your roof and eventually increasing the overall appeal of your home. Not just that, our company offers several services like commercial pressure washing  and driveway cleaning to keep your surroundings clean.


About Our Services

We experts know pressure washing tile and shingle Roofs is not recommended because it will blast away the granules and can ruin your roofs. Moreover, this doesn’t really kill all of the algae growths and will scatter them all over the roof. But if you already undergo this invasive method of cleaning, it is advisable to get cleaning again as little as one year considering the the amount of rainfall in the area.


With our exclusive and Algae, Mold, and Mildew prevention and resistant chemical, it will not only clean your roof but also bring brand new life to them. With Roof Cleaning in Tampa, FL you will be so sure of the safety of our process. You will be we guarantee that there will be no damage to your roof and properties.

Why do you Need Roof Cleaning Service?

There is a harmful bacteria that works their way into the pores and granules of your shingle or tile roof through their tiny root systems. Their life cycle begins as an airborne spores then settling to grow on your roof tops. This may weaken the fibers, eat the organic material and can slowly take the life of your roofs. This living organism is called Gloeocapsa Magma, which commonly known in Tampa, Florida as “fungus or mildew growth”. It is a type of algae that’s usually mistaken as a dirt because of its brown to black color. And if not taken immediate action, the more their microbial  damage will grow and can potentially damage your roof. 

Roof will get dirty and as it ages, the protective granules that protect you from heat, diminishes. This is because of the mold and algaes. Thus, in order to save you from an early roof replacement, helping it look new and as long as possible, it is necessary to clean and maintain them. 

Contact Us Now

So for residents or Homeowners Association in Tampa Florida, for your exterior cleaning roof needs, reach out to us, set your appointment and your guaranteed that we will not use any form of pressure washing to clean  your roofs, be it Asphalt Shingle, Stone Coated Steel, PolyGlass, Barrel Tile Roofs and many others. Consult your special needs to us an we’ll be responsive on your questions as much as we can.

In determining the price in cleaning roof, we will assess, evaluate and check first the house. Because there are things to consider and factors to look at such as the size, type of the roof and the amount of landscaping, does it have gutters or no gutters, and also the shingle color. Just give us a call and we will give you a fair and competitive roof cleaning cost and estimate without sacrificing quality, right over the phone. No hidden charges as you will get a detailed outline of the entire work to be performed. Consider checking also our driveway cleaning and concrete cleaning services.

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How to Prepare To Get Your Roof Cleaned?

After you’ve wisely decided to choose us, there are things that customer should know before we do our job.

  1. Gate Pass. 

First, if you are living in a restricted subdivision, be sure to give us the gate code or notify the gate that roof cleaners are coming. Yes, our trucks are fully lettered and men are also in uniform, there are restricted subdivisions in Tampa Bay Florida area that won’t let any visitors or services come in unless they are notified beforehand.

  1. Safety 

And on the day of our cleaning service, don’t let any of your workers like window or  carpet cleaners, yard and tree guys work on the same day as we do. Same with your pets, do not let them go out in your backyard. This is because we don’t have them to inhale the roof cleaning chemical that we will use. We also look on the environment, so we suggest that you also water thoroughly your plants or lawn the day or night before we arrive. Along with us providing them plenty of water before, during, and after the roof cleaning.

  1. Away from Drip Line. 

Please move any plants, cars and other movable objects away from the drip line of the house.

  1. Gutters

It’s not a problem if gutter downspouts go deep into the ground but if they will be empty out into the yard, we need to know this so we can take measures to protect your yard and the grass.

And if there’s any special circumstances like Fish Ponds, let us know also so that we can bring special protection devices or neutralizing chemicals to keep fishes from possible harm and water test it after if necessary. Solar Panels are fine as we deal with them often.

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