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Do you want to achieve a crystal-clear window? Looking at a dirty window is like looking at an unclear glass. When was the last time that you exert effort to clean your window? If you want to make it crystal clear window, we are here “Pressure Washing Tampa Pros” to do the job for you! We assure you that our work is high-quality and you will surely be satisfied with our work. Cleaning a window requires a lot of effort and time eliminating every dirt stuck on it. But, if you hire our service, we promise you that you do not need to give more time watching us if our work is good.

Our company consists of the professional and expert team, plus they are all experienced with over the years in this kind of environment. All of our team undergoes training to ensure the excellence of their work.That’s why we are one of the top recommended window cleaning services in Tampa, FL. We are committed to produce globally competitive team. Our objective is to be your only window cleaning and to assure that you’ll be satisfied with our work. Your property is treated in a right and respected way it deserves.

Don’t waste your time looking for a perfect and quality window cleaning service, Pressure Washing Tampa Pros is here for you! Just contact us and we’ll start the job immediately. Consider checking also the other services we provide such as gutter cleaning and roof cleaning.


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How many times should a window get cleaned yearly?

Cleaning a window is a very hassle job, it requires a lot of time and effort, you need the right solution, equipment, materials, and products, and you need to know the proper way of cleaning it. In addition, there is also a window that is difficult to reach and needed necessary and special equipment to accomplish it. No matter what is the style of your window, the cleaning process is still the same. The only difference is the size and height of a window will tell what equipment and materials are needed. Window cleaning might sound so easy, but it is a difficult task. We recommend cleaning your window at least three to four times a year.

However, if you are a business owner, you have a reputation and customer that you need to care, that’s why it requires more window cleaning operation. We also recommend hiring a trusted and quality window cleaning service once a month. In addition, weather conditions can affect this plan. If you plan to hire a window cleaning service, don’t forget our company Pressure Washing Tampa Pros. We assure you to make your windows like brand new again. Just call us for more information! 

Our service window cleaning

Our company Pressure Washing Tampa Pros offers a complete and excellent window cleaning around Tampa, FL. We’ve been in this industry for over 20-30 years. We clean no matter what is the type of window, frames, sills, as long as it’s a window. Our staff are all knowledgeable, they can handle whatever the situation is. They can bring a negative situation to a positive one. Our service can give you the highest-quality work at an affordable price. Try consulting about our concrete cleaning and paver cleaning.

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Our service can assure your safety. Window cleaning is harder than you think, there are potential dangers and accidents might happen, but deaths are rare. By hiring us, we can assure you that you do not need to worry about your window, because you hire the best window cleaning service. We are always inspecting our safety gear before we do the job. You’ll not only be safe in cleaning it, but you will also be safe on the harmful bacteria that stuck on your window.

We are familiar with this job. Window cleaning is our business, that’s why we are known here. Our window cleaning tech can assure that they will remove every moss, stains, and dirt on your window. We can see other unusual things through your windows, we know what’s the dirt and how to remove it. That’s why our staff can see all kinds of stuff on your window that can lead to a negative outcome.

Just get us a call to settle the schedule. On our call, we’ll be going to discuss everything starting from the process, methods, solutions that will be applied, up to the payment. After we clean your window, we will give effective advice to maintain the cleanliness of it. Don’t waste your time and ring us right now!

The proper and best way to clean your window

We all know that a clean window is better than a beautiful but dirty window. Everyone can clean their windows, but the question is if they do the proper way of cleaning it? Cleaning a window is a dangerous chore, but death is rare. Our company will give you some hints on how to properly clean a window, here are they:

First thing is to clean the inside part of the window is to get a large bucket and fill them clean water then add a few drops of liquid soap. Then, place a bath towel beneath the window to catch every dirt that will be going to drop. Use a microfiber cloth or sponge to clean the surface of a window and to ensure that it will not be damaged. The pattern of wiping a window will start on the top down to the bottom, then lastly wipe the frame. Spray the window using water to remove the soap. Use a clean towel to dry it.

After that, the outside part of the window, do the same as the inside part of it, but it requires more effort because the outside part of the window is dirtier than the inside. We recommend to do it on a cloudy day so that the applied solution that you put in the window will not be dry. Some windows have a stuck stains, mud, and dirt that cannot be removed easily, that’s the time you need to hire a trusted and quality window cleaning service. Happy to tell you that, we are the one that can do it for you!

This is just a hint on how to clean your window by yourself, if you hire our service, we will tell you the complete and proper way to clean it by yourself. We are using an effective solution to accomplish a crystal-clear window, and this solution will also help your window to maximize its life capacity. Don’t hesitate to call us! You can freely ask more information about our service!

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